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TransfoAcademy is an non-formal educational program developed by TransfoLAB BCN that offers customised workshops, capacity building, courses, training and lectures for institutions (schools, universities), citizens (children, youth, and adults in retraining/life-long learning) and corporations, through design, transformation, circular economy and creative reuse/re-purposing. We offer extracurricular education and support for projects by young professionals and students.

Our educational program for individuals and businesses focuses on ecodesign, circular economy, creative recycling, woodworking with reuse, prototyping, etc.

Courses and workshops
Workshop-based Birthdays at TransfoLAB ATH

Transform your kid's birthday celebration into an amazing maker experience at TransfoLAB ATH! 

In addition to our vibrant venue and exciting atmosphere, we offer an one of a kind opportunity for children to engage themselves in workshop activities based on the principles of circular economy, design thinking and creative reuse.

Our workshop-based birthdays promise an unforgettable celebration.

Excited to learn more? Get in touch with us for all the details!

Birthday Workshop
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