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TransfoLAB ATH, a Center for Trash Investigation

TransfoLAB ATH, as a Center for Trash Investigation, aims to develop a creative hub that will unite the local community in Athens to learn, research, experiment, innovate and make through the application of circular economy, social impact, participatory processes and environmental sustainability.  More specifically, TransfoLAB ATH is focusing on:

- The creative ecosystem in Athens focused on design, innovation, production and experimentation with waste, circular economy and environmental sustainability. We offer the space, tools, education and support to makers, designers, architects, artists, students, DIY hobbyists and creative enthusiasts of all ages looking for an environment to develop and design their ideas or projects. We offer support throughout the whole life cycle of the projects, including conception, planning, prototyping, production, and promotion.

- Connecting the creatives and makers of Athens with the local community through events, makertons, creative challenges, pop-up markets and talks. We want to create a space for dialogue on very relevant topics of our time, such as climate change, circular economy, sustainable design and fabrication, material innovation, digital fabrication, self-sufficiency, and beneficial models for the environment that help reduce socioeconomic inequality.

- Awareness and education of citizens and societies about topics related to circularity, creative upcycling, material innovation, local and zero-waste fabrication, maker movement, self-sufficiency, and social inclusion through workshops and courses.

- Providing space and virtual tax address to professionals at the co-working space, making sure they have the opportunity to work and interact in a friendly and pleasant environment. Our ultimate purpose is to create the circumstances and opportunities where our community can collaborate, develop ideas and exchange skills through regular events and activities, such as networking meet-ups, talks and presentations. 

- Social innovation and inclusion through activities and projects based on circular economy, design thinking and sustainable fabrication/making. We research, innovate and develop programs that connect the social with the circular economy, as key drivers for inclusion, self-development and independence.


TransfoLAB ATH has been created as a result of the collaboration between CoLab House and TransfoLAB BCN .

Key Areas

Circularity and Sustainable Practices

Non-formal Education for children, youth and adults

Sustainable Design and Fabrication

Maker Movement

Youth Participation

Trans-media Storytelling

The Team
Neda Tozija

International Projects, Education

Marija Angelova

Education, Community

Alexandra Palesti

Youth participation,

Social impact

Nada Tozija

Design, Circularity

Faku Uzal

Maker, Sustainable Fabrication

Kostas Mavrias

Audiovisual, Youth

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