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Furniture production for La Masieta

Client: TALP Comunicació y Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera

2016 / Lleida

La Masieta is located in Congost de Mont-rebei, Sant Esteve de la Sarga, Lleida. It is intended as meeting point for the visitors and a center for raising awareness around the nature, fauna, flora, geology and products of the region. At the same time it serves as a multifunctional space where one can find information, rest and shelter while enjoying a hot drink. So naturally they contacted us to produce the furniture that would meet the functional, ecological and ethical needs of the space.
The creative design was the creation of El Globus Vermell and TALP Comunicació, while Transfodesign was in charge of the feasibility study, the technical elaboration of the design and the production with on site assembling. All of the furniture is handmade from locally sourced pine wood. The furniture pieces are finished with oil and wax for minimal environmental impact.

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